Adding a new parent entity

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Adding a new parent entity

Select the class/property to which you want to add an existing parent class/property. Note: you can only add a hierarchical association to a parent class/property that is part of a namespace managed by a project you're belonging to.

In the "Hierarchy" tab, switch to edit mode by clicking the green button on the upper right.

Click on the blue "Add" button to open the hierarchical association form with a parent entity (correponds to rdfs:subclassOf/subpropertyOf):

  • Parent class/property: select the required class/property.
  • Scope note [Justification]: type or copy/paste the scope note in this field. This scope note (which can be short) should explain why you chose this hierarchical association. Select the language in the list below. English is the default language. Use only plain text format if you copy/paste a note to clean up all unnecessary tags.
  • If you want to add an example, click on  "Add an example" below the form. At the moment, you can only add one example when creating the association. You can add more examples once the association is created.

Click on the "Save" button, your hierachical association is created!