Proposal for the Leizpig meeting: Ontologies for Storylines

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Proposal for the Leizpig meeting: Ontologies for Storylines

Ontologies such as CIDOC-CRM, FRBR etc. developed the cultural heritage domain support the structuring of the metadata of cultural or bibliographic objects, but they are not always suitable for modelling (meta-)data for historical research. Historians often analyse encompassing processes and interactions in networks, rather than focusing on single events or objects. There is a need for ontologies for history that are not only fully compliant with CIDOC-CRM, FRBR to be interoperable with the data of cultural heritage institutes, but at the same time allow for capturing historical processes and interactions. We propose a group “ontologies for storylines” that develops ontologies the concept of historical and literary narratives. The group builds upon the work of Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi, Carlo Meghini and Danielle Metilli who work on literary narratives in CRM, on the work of Veruska Caretta Zamborlini and Charles van den Heuvel who try to model cultural (art-historical, literary historical etc.) interactions between the various branches of the cultural industries of the Dutch Golden Age in multiple storylines, the work of Alex Butterworth an expert in digital approaches to narrative history and negotiated narratives. Apart from story-lives of people that might be modelled in ontologies for biographies and prosopographies we are interested in life cycles of objects in their context. For that reason, we also work together with Regina Varniene-Janssen who focuses on the implementation of ontolologies/standards of provenance and authenticity

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Extended Abstract Short Paper:

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SEMANTiCS 2017 workshop proceedings: EVENTS September 11-14, 2017, Amsterdamn