Modeling about art history and architecture @SARI and @DSI

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Anaïs Guillem
Modeling about art history and architecture @SARI and @DSI

Hi Data-For-History enthusiasts, George Bruseker and I are spending the summer working with SARI and DSI (Zurich) for doing some ontological modeling (CIDOC CRM family) about architecture and art history. Among our topics of interest, the production of intellectual work in design, the representation, and social relationships in art production. We are using OntoME to work collaboratively on the modeling in the project called 'DSI Test'. Part of our discussions will also make us interact with the ongoing CRMsoc modeling. Please let us know if you want to join us on this project, the more the merrier!

[originally posted on 4 July 2019]


Hi Anais, I am certainly interested and I suppose my colleague Veruska Caretta Zamborlini as well to join your project on modeling about art history and architecture. Best wishes, Charles 



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