Defining URI's

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Defining URI's

In the Heloïse network we could use two kinds of URI's:

Projects are invited to provide self administered URI's based on the name of their institution or to use URI's

Discussion of URI format

About the expressed proposition, two issues should be considered:

  • for using inside Drupal it would be better to have URIs in this form :
    • this would allow to prepare different kinds of dereferencement pages according to the object class
    • and to provide unique identifiers for data coming from the different projects: 33 would be the identifier
    • this would allow to use the different identifiers (often database primary keys)
    • with project specific URIs it would be difficult to have heloise website dereferencing pages
  • a second issue is that even for Heloise specific ressources, URIs in this form :
Discussion of URI format

Hello Francesco,

What do you mean by "hash" ? For me a hash is something like this :


If it was you're thinking about, I would not recommand to use a hash as identifier inside a URI unless it is the real identifier of the object inside the triplestore.

Can you provide an example for what could be a folder structure to express classes ?


As a reminder, all I need to properly display an object with Drupal is an unique ID property for all the classes of objects and knowledge units.

With that unique ID, I can extract an URI like the two components "collective-actor" and "netw-33" to call the right "Drupal Views" page and execute the proper SPARQL query with "netw-33" as a filter of the view.

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